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Paridhy: The Organization


We are a full-service specialty staffing firm providing permanent staffing solutions for the knowledge economy. We manage complete full life-cycle staffing for your recruitment or expansion projects / programs, we are a thoroughly professional, mature and dependable organization, with a great track record.. We take the time to understand your needs, your processes, and your organization's culture to find the right fit - every time. Our knowledge of the industry, expertise of niche positions within the industry, experience in completing staffing assignments, reach and diversity, enable us to source, identify and deploy the "best fit " candidates, significantly reducing time and costs.


We pay great attention to the role and responsibilities, whether in technology, operations or support functions, marketing or sales, HR or administration, finance or accounts. We believe that roles vary with the nature of products or services, offered, domains to be targeted, sold direct, or indirect, delivered thru a distribution channel or over the net. You may have technical support roles, pre-sales or post sales, client facing or indirect, we provide the best-fit candidates, once we are sure of your exact need.


Our understanding of technology comes from our long and rich experience in handling diverse technology roles, across platforms and domains, which help us, appreciate the nuances of technology roles, with varying flavors of technical knowledge and relevant industry experience.


Our ability lies in delivering a just in time, just in skills, resources, with a quick turnaround to Clients' business fluctuations or skill shortages. Increasingly, our Staffing Services partnership with our Clients extends to anticipating and planning workforce needs, reflecting peak cycles and workflows. This may scale up into multi-site and even global servicing, entirely depending upon the client's business needs.


Our offices are centrally located equipped with modern IT and telecom infrastructure and easily accessible through metro and other public transport systems. We are an equal opportunity employer, who is committing to inclusion and diversity in our workforce.


Our goal is to help transform organisations and in-turn touch the lives of the people we serve, by helping find top talent. We would always like to be recognized, as a strategic business partner for human resources as we continue to strive for excellence in providing highly qualified specialized, professional human assets.