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Services: Recruitment Process Outsourcing



This mode of service delivery is more suitable and cost effective for those clients, who regularly recruit at least 5 or more employees, every month, throughout the year. Typically these may be sales / support /service delivery or any kind of position, which are junior to middle management roles.


Under the RPO offering, we dedicate a team of recruiters, exclusively for your recruitment, in return of a fixed monthly fee. This team exclusively works on your positions. The client may decide the exact role for us depending upon there needs. e.g., you may only require us to find / identify suitable candidates and call for interview. Or you may even ask us to take them for final selection /ref checking / on-boarding.


We charge you a per-recruiter, fixed base fee every month, which is cost effective if you have volume hiring. We can submit a proposal based on your specific needs, to highlight the economies, RPO may offer to you over traditional executive hiring.